Canadian Headstones

A Completely Volunteer-Staffed Canadian Non-Profit Corporation capturing both digital images and transcriptions of headstones of our ancestors.

Presented and managed by the Ontario Genealogical Society.

Ontario Genealogical Society

Our Team

Steve Fulton

Vice-President, OGS

Steve’s qualifications come in many forms from work, family, and volunteerism. One thing that ties them all together is service for others before himself. Steve has been an OGS member since 2008, including Branch Chair of Niagara since 2009. In addition to serving as Vice-President of the Society, Steve is the head of the Technological Support and Innovation Committee (TSIC).

David Thompson

Director, OGS

David has been a Director-at-Large since July 2016 when he came forward to fill a vacancy on the Board. David has been very active with the Technical Support and Innovation Committee, membership advantages and sponsorships, and assists with the maintenance of the OGS website. He is a practising tax litigation lawyer. David believes that by improving communications, benefits and governance, and constantly investigating and employing new technologies, we can inspire existing and new members and volunteers and keep the Society relevant for a new generation of genealogy and family history researchers.

Supporting Member Honour Roll

These people, organizations and corporations are Supporting Members of CanadianHeadstones.com. Their generous support will help to ensure the continued growth and development of our project. All genealogists, family historians and researchers join in thanking them.

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Allan Black, Cheryl Dubeau, Dale's Cemetery, Linda Crump, Dan Quinlan, Brant Gibbard, Anonymous

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Davis Swan, Sandra Bonnell, Anonymous, Paul MacDonald, Jane O'Connor, Denyse Becker, Caroly Burton, Michael O'Brein, Carolyn Clark, Chris May, Judith Buck Glenn, Sylvain Hudon, Joann Eller, Joe Wilson, Anonymous, Eric Hartney, David Thompson, Chris Teron, David Wallace, Catherine Lambert, Heather Kisilywicz, Robert James, Benoit Tardif, Anonymous, Anonymous, Ross Jekins, Kathleen Sheehan, Maureen O'Byrne, Douglas J. Pritchard, Paul Dore, John Welsh, Elizabeth Turner, Walter Eadie, Jean-Gu,y Momy Rhone Rouleau, Robert Zimmerman, Anonymous, Michael Rivers, Lynn Marcil, Mckean Welwood, Ann Tierney, David Carnwell, Anonymous, W. Beavis, Barbara Collishaw, Don Hall, Tom Lumley, Jim Dalby, Anonymous, Clifford Copeland, Diane Schneider, Eva Paris, Richard Perrier, Brian St. Germain, Judith A. Nelson, Shelley Berkner, Sherry Dahl, Daniel Beswick, Tania Hansen, Steven Lloyd, Anonymous, Brian Laxdal, David McLellan, James Smith, Jane Walker, Old Bones Genealogy, Murray Lusk, Anonymous, Elizabeth Turner, Tom Lumley, Sandra Lindsay

Marie Duputat, Donald K. Noble, Huguette LeBlanc, John Mennear, Ray Theberge, Richard MacKenzie, Sylvia Irving, Jay Leadbeater, Susan Sinclair, Elise Harmon, Patricia Newson, Brenda Carpenter, Anonymous, Anonymous, Wendy Kreider, Ian Sinclair, Cliff Seibel, Jacklyn Foster, Michael Cheney, Janice Fortier, Anonymous, Jane Miller, Brian Antaya, Peter Ryder, Brian Laxdal, Harold Young, Richard McNulty, David Bishop, Alexander Lowden, Anonymous, Natalie Edwards, Ronald Boake, Brian St. Germain, Ann Ackerson, Tom Lumley, Katherine Tkachuk, Eileen O'Brien, Anonymous, Patrick Grenon, Len Peltier, Charisse Hake, Kevin Dee, Janet Bradshaw, Margaret Rutledge, Meredyth Schofield, Gary Rains, Brenda Scragg, Paul Drake, Eric Hartney, Anonymous, Robert Collum, Anonymous, Susan Irwin, Louise Thornton, Lorraine Thompson, Carol Measham, Bernard Hebert, Chandra Kinnee, Kristen Allen, Curtis Smecher, Judith Cook, Hope Fennell, Joseph Maksym, Donna Rodenburg, Joan Freeman, Anonymous, Joseph Hiscott, Anita Waddell, Anita Mason, Denis Brûlé, Kim Webb, Bev Kelly, Karen George, Walter Eadie, Margaret Pook

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George Simmons, Frederick Angus, Jacob Psutka, Corinne Crouse, Jamie Laidlaw, Beerley Haun Moss, Janet Goldsworthy, William Bigelow, Gerard Savard, Roberta Hluska, Ronald Ross Clarke, Anonymous, Donna R. Fraser, Vivenne Parfitt, Anonymous, Paula Hauske, Karen Oullette, Anonymous, Anonymous, Peter Hangartner, Dian Cosgrove, Norma Valley, Guy Chenel, Karen Crooks, Robert M. Barker, Raynald Theberge, Carolyn Nugent, Geraldine Chase, Lynne Jeffreys, Anonymous, Alfred St. John, Gayle Hardin, Teena Troock, Rosemary Billings, Linda Paquette, Terrence Flanagan, David Fahim, Anonymous, Anonymous, Patricia Dwyer, Nancy Suominen, Jean Porter, Patricia Jackson, Patricia Squires, Fran Aitkens, Melissa Blanchard, Marnie Fisher, Bruce Dawe, Any Newman, Marcia Turley, Tom Lumley, Anonymous, Joanne Johnson, Gary Middaugh, Anonymous, David Doherty, Carl Shipley, Anonymous, Paula Charmichael, Kathleen Batt, Robert Crabb, Fran Aitkens, Mary Campbell, David March, Douglas G. Slater, Ronald Smith, John de la Vergne, Heather Field, Tom Lumley, Anonymous, Paul Drake

Robert Littlefield, Susan O'Connell, Tom Lumley, Colleen Green, Therese Suddard, Karen Richmond, Lisa Segura, Connie Roberts, Margaret Penniston, Anonymous, Lucie Delorme, Robert McConnell, Sheila Benoit, Dean Bierkos, Robert Normand, Mark Hamilton, Alfhard Brandl, Anonymous, Anonymous, Allyson Scott, Nancy Barnett, Paul Turner, John Steele, Jacqueline Deetz, Anonymous, Robert Reed, Mary Campbell, Diana Waserman, Corinna Gray, Richard LaCoe, Robert Randall, Albert Beaulne, Linda Kelso, Bruce McCrae, Carolyn Dennis-Sykes, Clarice Johnston, Judith Buck Glenn, David Stinson, Ken Godfrey, Michael Nunan, Denis Parent, Diana Toland, Bruce Butterfield, Julie Laing, Jim Richards, Ralph Page, Amy Westberg, Mckean Welwood, Linda Horosko, Jessie Sloan, Eleanor Tinney, Mary Lee MacDonald, Patrick Burns, Susan Morrison, Anonymous, David St. Onge, Douglas Sly, Tammy Jenny, Anonymous, Sharon Connor, Delma Christien, Irene Zanni, David Glover, Garry Jacobs, Anonymous, Anonymous, Carianne Ross, Anonymous, Suzanne Tilley, Dan Buchanan, Laura Robinson, Tanya McNeil, Pyllis MacKenzie, Catherine Boulanger, Anonymous, Betty Sleep, Jason Pollock, Kevin McAuliffe, Bill Nimmo, Sharon McAlpine, Anonymous, Gene Speakman, Tom Lumley

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Steve Fulton, Allen Nicks, Colleen Kent, Anonymous, Susan Leitch, Earnest Chapman

Craig Gauger, Marlene Gould, Anonymous, Michael Poholka, Peter Richards, Doris Sabatier, Anonymous, Gareld McEathron, Anonymous, Marie E. Jones