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A: Ashgrove United Church++ Cemetery (253)
B: Bethel United Church, Trafalgar Rd. Cemetery (342)
Bloomfield Pioneer++ Cemetery (70)
Burlington Memorial Gardens Cemetery (3)
C: Churchill, Acton Cemetery (7)
D: DeForest Pioneer++ Cemetery (45)
E: Ebenezer United Church+ Cemetery (415)
Evergreen, Milton Cemetery (23)
F: Fairview+, Acton Cemetery (249)
G: Gates of Heaven Cemetery (12)
Glen Williams+, Esquesing Twp. Cemetery (104)
Greenwood, Halton Hills(prev. Georgetown) Cemetery (68)
H: Halton Memorial Gardens, Burlington Cemetery (3)
Hillcrest, Norval+ Cemetery (173)
Hornby Presbyterian++ Cemetery (368)
Hornby Wesleyan Methodist/Eighth Line++ Cemetery (27)
K: Kean Family Farm+ Cemetery (5)
Kindree Family++, Trafalgar Twp. Cemetery (11)
L: Limehouse Presbyterian Church Cemetery (2)
Lowville United Church Cemetery (186)
M: Mansewood United Presbyterian++ Cemetery (57)
Merton Mount Pleasant++ Cemetery (52)
Mount Pleasant Wesleyan Methodist++ Cemetery (43)
Munn's Cemetery (67)
O: Omagh Church of Christ++ Cemetery (133)
Omagh Presbyterian Church Cemetery (83)
P: Palermo Cemetery (5)
S: St George's Anglican Church, Lowville Cemetery (25)
St. John's Anglican Church+, Burlington Cemetery (360)
St. Jude's+, Oakville Cemetery (30)
St. Paul's Presbyterian Church+ Cemetery (608)
St. Stephen's Anglican Church+, Hornby Cemetery (391)
St.Luke's Anglican Church, Trafalgar Cemetery (11)
U: Union Presbyterian Church+, Esquesing Twp. Cemetery (88)

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